ASCS Canyon Region


Canyon Region at Manzanita #2 (4/12/09)

Bobby Marcum after winning the inverted Last Dance event
Arizona legends Ron Shuman (15) and Lealand McSpadden (2) pace the Last Dance
Bobby Marcum holds off a late charge from Casey Shuman in the Last Dance
All the cars in attendance took to the track for one last checkered flag
Chris Bonneau (78) and Bryan Swinehart (6x)
Jeremy Sherman (77) and Charles Davis, Jr. (50)
In the pits...
Stevie Sussex
Bruce St. James (7k) and Josh Pelkey (7)
Kevin Swindell (32) and Chuck Buckman (61)
Bernie Smith
Tim Beal (8) and Ronnie Clark (6)
Michael Colegrove loops it in the feature
Jesse Dunham