ASCS Canyon Region

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  • 1711 Lawson Road
  • Mesquite, TX 75181

Quick Info

Size1/2 Mile
BankingHigh Banked

Track Bio

Hailed as the Southwest's most famous dirt track, Devil's Bowl Speedway is the premier venue for racing entertainment. A high banked half-mile with tacky black clay, the track is a unique D shape with the curve on the back straight fifteen feet higher than the front. This purposely designed aspect gives the 10,000 seats in the grandstands an unobstructed view of the entire track. Among those seats are 1,000 reserved seats located on the finish line, another 1,500 upper deck reserved seats available for special events and six air conditioned suites located on the third floor of the tower that can be rented which hold up to 10 people.